Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Hi, My Name Is Achu :)

What’s going on guys? :) Just thought I'd continue this introduction thing we've got going on for the first week… I'm pretty excited by this new blogging idea we have - I really enjoy writing and now I can have some randomer reading it :D Anyways, my posts are going to be pretty random - I may write about the hardship of owning a car and sometimes I may write about how stupid our government is, but I guarantee you I will try my hardest not to bore you! I love cars, gaming and audio-visual entertainment, but i have other interests too… Things like photography (check out my Flickr: AchuCKR), computing (I enjoy the hardware aspects, not so much the software), badminton (I play many tournaments but never professionally), and I’m a bit of a gym freak too… So I guess you won't know what to expect when it’s my turn to post but I do want your opinions so leave comments down below :)

Also, I swear a lot…

‘til next week, sayonara b*tches :)

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