About Us

We decided to start up a blog in late 2013 where we could ideally talk about whatever we wanted and felt like at the time. Having been friends from our secondary school days we've always wanted to do something like this but never either got the time or the willpower to get one started, however, after much deliberation during the summer of 2013 Pantherum was born. For the time being, we have allocated ourselves topics which we have an insight into as well as a passion for (apart from Arjuna ). Adrian will be covering football and Kpop. Arjuna will be writing about a broad spectrum of rants and reflections of current affairs and finally Yath will be getting his hands dirty with all the latest tech news.

Well that's just a little something about us... we hope to bring some new features in the future in the shape of collaborations with other bloggers, vlogs and even podcasts. We are always looking for constructive criticism so leave us a comment on here or tweet us as we look to build this blog in the future.


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