Monday, 9 September 2013

Do Apple Rumours Really Matter?

So it’s that time of year again, when Apple rumours have started to bubble to the surface regarding what new devices they will be announcing this year - specifically tomorrow. The announcement will draw the attention of the world as everyone will look to Apple to see what “innovations” they have decided to claim for themselves. This year, I have decided to break down these rumours to see how likely they are to be true and to really expose what “innovation” Apple has to offer us.

iPhone 5s

The new iPhone 5s is meant to be a replacement for the current flagship phone and should resemble a small improvement as hinted by the “s” appended on the end. It is rumoured to have:
  • A7 processor
  • Dual LED flash
  • 250 hours of standby time
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • “Champagne” coloured casing
For most people the change in processor should not mean anything, as Apple is the type of company who has been able to ensure that they can squeeze every inch of power out of their devices, without taxing the battery life too much. The Dual LED flash will almost certainly be accompanied by an improved camera which is one area, as an Android user, I feel they have yet to find a true competitor in. The suggested 250 hours of standby time, if true, will be a lifesaver in an age where most people are only able to get one day's use, if that. The fingerprint scanner seems largely like a dud, which could make it easier to unlock the phone, but on the other hand has never been implemented well in previous devices. The new "champagne" casing to the iPhone is something that slightly worries me about the new direction of Apple. As it has always been seen as a manufacturer of exquisite taste, but this makes the iPhone look more faux than anything else. I hope it is just a one off flaw.

Suggested cases for iPhone 5s                                                                                    Source: AppAdvice
This is a device that is very likely to be announced tomorrow and in the grand scheme of things should not matter to people who currently own an iPhone 5. I personally think the device could be changed to have a larger display - closer towards the 5” mark.

iPhone 5c

This is rumoured to be a new line of budget iPhones. It is meant to include similar specifications to the current iPhone 5. The only thing revealed so far is that they are meant to have coloured plastic casing instead of aluminium backing - most likely polycarbonate. The budget range of iPhones will do good, both for Apple and the consumer in general - the focus on the lower end market will gain them many customers. The consumer stands to benefit from a cheaper phone, but if done correctly, that will have a high quality finish. This release will also cause other manufacturers to focus on improving the quality of their bottom range phones, which have been of very poor quality and usually run for a year before giving the user problems.

Possible cases for iPhone 5c                                                                   Source: Sonny Dickson (Twitter)
This is another device I think we are likely to see announced tomorrow. But its introduction has the potential to revolutionise the budget smartphone range - something I look forward to. The only thing that baffles me is where they would introduce this lineup considering their phones released already.

iPad mini

The new iPad mini is a product rumoured to have a refreshed display and obviously a slightly upgraded processor. The display has been one major factor which the mini has been lacking since its release last year. Its resolution was much lower than its competitors. As an owner of a Nexus 7 (2012), the design and sleekness of the current iPad mini has been something I do envy slightly. And it seems that the design might become slightly slimmer with the iPad mini 2. Besides these slight improvements, I would not recommend those with a current gen iPad mini to upgrade. It would only apply to newcomers.
It is not known when the announcement for this device would occur as only iPhones are expected. This was an expected update that will eventually be introduced later on this year. My only two issues with it will be its ridiculous pricing - as with all Apple products. But specifically as LG and Google have proven, you do not need to charge such exorbitant amounts. The display update should not have been required as the technology to fit this year’s display into last year’s was already possible. So why did they do it? Greed!


The rumoured iWatch is something I look forward to with interest. Currently not much is known about it. So instead of providing you with the rumours for this one, I will run through what I would like this device to have (P.S This applies to all manufacturers wanting to make wearable items - looking at you, Samsung). The watch should be functional but not intrusive. This would mean that the watch has to be lightweight and at the same time be able to carry at least a full day of battery. It should carry out basic health functions like measuring heart rate and maybe blood pressure, thus being able to work with fitness applications built into a phone. Another thing that would help complete its fitness functionality, would be to have a GPS tracker built in so you could record the distance and speed of your jogging routes. Finally, and I admit this is a big push on my part, I would love constant authentication via the device making passwords obsolete. This concept has already been carried out with a device called Nymi, something I would recommend checking out for all those geeks out there.

Same old, Same old

So to conclude, it looks like besides the iPhone 5s, we are in for the usual treat of slightly revised Apple products in new casings (or old, depending how you look at it) as well as the expected use of the words “Incredible”, “Beautiful”, “Gorgeous” and so on. Have a look at the video below to see what I mean.
I hope that there is something new this year, but in a post-Jobs world I really don’t have my hopes set very high.

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