Monday, 2 September 2013

Why the Playstation 4 is a more appealing console

The war is on for the next generation of gaming consoles. On one side, we have the Japanese behemoth conglomerate known as, Sony, and on the other, Microsoft, the American tech giant who has dominated the home computer scene for the last three decades. This year has seen the announcement of new consoles from both sides, which has resulted in an endless set of conferences, trailers and announcements. As a gamer, I love the fact that both sides have been firing shots at one another and this tasty affair makes for an interesting duel.

Personally, I have found myself leaning towards the Playstation 4. I will admit now that I am a bit of a Sony fanboy, but there is some reasoning behind my choice. So to get started, the Playstation 4 was announced in late Feb. It was just a conference about gaming which was a big change from the PS3 announcement, where more of a focus was placed on media and the pure power behind the Cell processor (which was a beast in itself but, due to its complexities was never fully appreciated). What makes the PS4 standout to me is that they allow you to replace the internal hard drive. This is feature means that you can have many games and movies stored on your console without having to change discs or delete games (Laziness I know). The Playstation Network subscription only applies to playing retail games online, which means F2P games as well as media apps are free to use (Very handy when you just can’t afford the subs). The ability to record and stream gameplay on-the-fly without having to preempt it, is an amazing idea. One of the few things that irritated me about the PS3 was the controller, but they finally managed to resolve it with this generation. The new shape with its sleek design and sturdy build, highlights the attention to detail. Exclusive games from Sony including Infamous:Second Son and The Order: 1886, have been built by developers whose work I appreciate (Sucker Punch Productions and Ready at Dawn respectively), and include concepts which differ from those offered by Microsoft’s exclusive partners/developers. To top it all off at £340, it really is one of a kind.

Although I will admit that the Xbox One has some attractive features such as: being able to control everything with Kinect, Kinect be able to differentiate between two users at the same time and the Xbox exclusive Titanfall. They were not able to persuade me to reconsider my choice. I will admit that the Playstation 4 is not for everyone and that there will always be a difference of opinion. So for now let’s just agree to disagree.
Playstation 4 with DUALSHOCK 4 controller and Playstation 4 camera 

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