Friday, 13 September 2013

KARA- Damaged Lady Review

WOW! Kara’s comeback!! It’s been roughly a year long wait for them to return from all their antics and promotion in Japan, but has it been worth the wait? If for some ungodly reason you haven’t watched their latest video, then by all means have a little peek below :)

Well… where to start? One thing's for sure visually, as per usual, it looks stunning. From the solo shots of the girls to the set everything looks great. The white shirt and tie look in the video looked really nice.. and the ending scene looks pretty fun........

 photo Ending_zpse3798f3a.gif
But one thing that I didn’t like was the mushroom/bowl cuts. It looked a little outdated and quite frankly just didn’t suit them, especially when we saw Park Gyuri with it. I actually laughed a little and then I thought how did she let them do that to of the worst hairstyles in Kpop I feel.  As well as that the dance was quite simple in all honesty and just after a period of good dance numbers from EXO and BTS recently, I wanted a bit more. But maybe the simple dance complimented the song though..?? Thoughts?

Edging away from the visuals and more importantly to the song. I hate to admit it but this song is pretty catchy. The start is probably my favourite bit with Hara’s rap/spoken word portion of the song and the electric guitar riff at the bridge makes me appreciate this song more than Pandora. The whole song is at a nice tempo and a pretty enjoyable song at that.

However, after a year long wait I was just left yearning for more from this video. It was a good video, don’t take anything away from the production, but it was no “Mister” or “Step”... it was missing that “X-Factor” if you will.  Anyway enough of my ramblings..leave your thoughts on the video and I'll leave you all with this ;)

Hara ^_^ photo Hara_zps5668dbeb.gif


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